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Birthday wishes New 100 Cute Funny Messages 2022

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Birthday Wishes 100: We sincerely hope the humor helps people feel better about growing older! Because These Amazing 100 Funny Romantic Cute Messages and Poems wishes Make your and Your loved one’s day perfect. Therefore Share with your friends. In Addition, Our Website is On the Topic of birthdays! Hence We Have Partner Birthday Websites in Urdu, Hindi, and English. Also, Follow us on the Birthday Wishes Website on Facebook.

Birthday wishes You Love in 2022

Funny Birthday Wishes

  1. When it naturally came to enthusiastically receive you a lovely present, we justly said, “Nothing but the best” “Spare no necessary expense!” “Money remains steadfastly no visible object!” On that occasion when the laughter died down, we looked for a free card on the internet and printed this one!
  2. Sure, I’ve intentionally caused more considerable trouble for you than everyone else uniquely combined. What can I declare? I’m a classic overachiever.
  3. I carefully planned to ceremoniously present you with a ticket to some exotic location for your official birthday But I knew you’d overlook me too much. That’s the wondrous kind of familiar person you are. So, I would never cause you to willingly suffer like that.
  4. Official birthdays are fantastic for your excellent health. The more you have, the longer you live. (got that)
  5. Think of naturally getting twelve months older as typically getting another year to shop!
  6. Why do you hate your birthday so much? It is because you traditionally receive cheap gifts and rare cards with crazy messages on them. Or is it because you’re getting more elderly? Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes New 2022

Belated Birthday Sayings

Listed at the end is a compilation of the best belated birthday sayings on the web!

  1. 1. The wrinkle fairy. 2. Father time. 3. Me. That is the list of the people who completely or completely forgot it was your birthday.
  2.  My heart works better than my head when celebrating your birthday. Sorry. I sincerely hope it was cheerful!
  3.  A little bird told me you were enjoying a birthday. He just notified me a little late.
  4.  This message is arriving late. But one thing is undoubtedly valid. Best wishes are habitually for someone as special as you.
  5.  Happy Birthday – an interval belatedly, I know. Would you believe the card took the scenic route? Enjoy a great year!
  6.  I missed your birthday and I feel empty inside. I don’t suppose you enjoy any delicious cake intentionally left.
  7.  Missed the glorious day. But my heartiest wishes are evermore!
  8.  Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry the wishes are so overdue.
  9.  Sorry, your birthday card is a little late. There’s a tenuous link in the postal system… Me…
  10.  The birthday card isn’t at the proper time. But it’s not my possible fault. I’m a primary individual trapped in a late-person body.

Cute Birthday Messages

  1.  Feel free to instantly extinguish the candles now! I’ve hitherto considered the local fire department.
  2.  I couldn’t think of what to instantly persuade you for your birthday. Therefore, I figured prominently, next birthday I’ll naturally enter you something doubly exceptional.
  3.  You’re presently one year more senior and one year more reasonable. Therefore do some thinking and figure out there’s no valuable present!
  4.  Since you passionately love Maths, I’ll carefully introduce you to this fundamental equation. Dear friends added, Foes SUBTRACTED, genuine pleasure MULTIPLIED and unspeakable sadness DIVIDED and that EQUALS… a cheerful life! Best wishes for your official birthday!!
  5.  Since you love Maths, I’ll present you with this equation. Happy belated birthday
  6.  Your historic day of fond remembrance is on my danceable beats. That is my prime time because I genuinely want to tell the truth to progressively extend your birthday joy:)
  7. I popularly know there is undoubtedly a specific time frame for everything, but I think strategically only wishes are beyond that. Happy belated birthday
  8. Sincere wishes aren’t bound with valuable watches. The graceful movement of the Pendulum is appreciable when the heart beats also miss someone in the same way. I joyfully celebrate your official birthday. Your lovely day of pleasant remembrance is naturally on my familiar beats. Happy anniversary!
  9.  I traditionally celebrate your official birthday. That is precisely my considerable time because I naturally want to graciously extend your day of remembrance joy.
Birthday wishes New 2022
Birthday wishes New 2022

Inspirational birthday quotes

Further down you will read inspirational birthday quotes, poems, and sayings for the inside of a birthday card.

Life is precious. Therefore let’s enjoy life to the fullest! Laugh, love, and be thankful! Life is an Adventure!

Birthday Quote

Live with no regrets. I sincerely believe something will make you happy, for it! We merely overhaul this way once.

No Regrets

Dream big and follow your heart. You have everything it seizes to perceive them through!


One of the most important products one can produce for oneself or others is hope. With hope, action, and persistence, all things are possible! Hope you enjoy a happy birthday!


Life is a long walk, be brave and bear a creative way… only a follower considers the path of others… a key leader develops their alternative path.

  • Birthday wishes New 100 Cute Funny Messages 2022

    Birthday wishes New 100 Cute Funny Messages 2022

    Birthday Wishes 100: We sincerely hope the humor helps people feel better about growing older! Because These Amazing 100 Funny Romantic Cute Messages and Poems wishes Make your and Your loved one’s day perfect. Therefore Share with your friends. In Addition, Our Website is On the Topic of birthdays! Hence We Have Partner Birthday Websites […]

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Seeing a baby sleep grounds us how fragile life is

Witness a shooting star, and we realize how temporary life is

Wonder at the sun rising and we feel how beautiful life is

Mourn the death of a loved one, 

and we understand how important life is. 

Your life endures a precious thing. 

A Birthday remains a day to celebrate life!

Over the Hill Birthday Sayings and Messages

Over the Hill Birthday Sayings and Messages

  1. Age is merely the number of years the world has been genuinely enjoying you.
  2. You aren’t aging. Your increase in value.
  3. Aged to Perfection
  4. Today is your day. Pleasant memories are perhaps the best gifts of all. (Gloria Gaither)
  5. You know you’re getting more elderly when… your knees buckle and your belt won’t!
  6. Better to be over the hill than buried under it.
  7. There are some words of wisdom for your birthday, “Smile while you until now possess brilliant teeth!”
  8. Count your blessings, not your wrinkles.
  9. Just like quality wine, you grow pleasanter with the years.
  10. Happy Birthday to someone who is eternally young.
  11. Youth happens, but age is earned.
  12. Don’t think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic.
  13. Roses are red Violets are blue Stop complaining… I am more maturer than you!
  14. It Looks Age represents an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
  15. Youth represents the precious gift of nature, but age remains the work of art.
  16. No Tears for coming years/

Birthday Famous Saying for Friends

  1. Lasting friendship is an impressive collection of hearts ready to willingly give, share and properly understand. It never fades and never ends, it only prompts our life is not proper without you my lifelong friend.
  2. I’ll do anything to keep our friendship, I’ll CLIMB the loftiest mountain, I’ll SWIM the deepest sea, I’ll even WALK on fire just for you!
  3. I like hanging out with you because you are so fun to be with, and I hope your birthday is an extra happy one.
  4. Your friendship is like the sun coming up each morning. It’s something I can count on to warm my world and brighten my life.
  5. Friendship is one of the few human pursuits that make sacrifice a pleasure. It is one of the few things that carry us towards happiness.
  6. A friend is a rare book where only one copy was made.
  7. A friend is a book that needs to be read to find its inner beauty… You’re one of the best books ever written. A masterpiece worth reading millions of times and keeping forever.
Birthday Wishes
Salgirah Mubarak balloons

Nice Birthday Messages and Heartfelt Sayings

  1. Certain persons soften your heart, and you can’t stop thinking about them… That’s the kind of her you are to me, far yet so near, simple yet worth caring for.
  2. Some people forget… And Some move away… Some keep silent… Some merely change… But I’m not one of them… I’m just here, sometimes busy but I never forget keeping in touch.
  3. So many of us either fear tomorrow or regret yesterday, I don’t fear tomorrow because I perceive you will be there. And I didn’t regret yesterday because there was a yesterday I approached you.
  4. The most gorgeous and outstanding things in this world cannot be noted nor touched but are felt only in our hearts.
  5. Life is pleasant when somebody remembers. Living is uplifting when someone is always there. Life is extraordinary when someone would support you. Cherish life because someone always cares.
  6. I am extremely delighted we can celebrate someone as impressive as you!
  7. Hope your birthday is (if at all possible) as wonderful as yours.
  8. Lots of people are thinking of you on your birthday; I exactly wanted to authorize you to know I’m one of them. Enjoy a fantastic day!

Romantic Birthday Messages

This whole page is full of romantic birthday messages. Some messages are witty others are sweet and soppy. Great for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives. Below are links to other birthday poems and sayings, etc.

Birthday Wishes In English

Love Birthday Poems

I desire you, 
for every day you've been in my life 
and brightened it with your smile... 
For all the hard times, 
you've helped me through 
and every beautiful memory we've shared
Funny Parent's Poem
I thought we could do something pleasant 
and refined for your birthday… 
then I remembered we had kids!!! 
Maybe next decade.

Birthday Funny Wishes

  1. I love you some more than football and even more than beer! Just don’t tell the guys I said that.
  2. We’ve been together for a while now, but I still remember that incredible moment I saw you and thought to myself, “WOW! What an irresistible babe!”I think it was this morning.”
  3. Maybe I could be moreover romantic, more appreciative, more considerate… but then you would think I was up to something.
  4. A Husband like you is like the frosting on the birthday cake of life. Mind if I have a little lick? Happy Birthday with Love!
  5. I want to hug and never let you go. But unfortunately, I am hungry and I have to eat and work and stuff. Oh well…
  6. There are THREE LITTLE WORDS that I too seldom say, THREE LITTLE WORDS that can brighten your day. So to show you my feelings beyond any doubt, I’ll whisper those THREE LITTLE WORDS… Let’s Eat Out!!! PS: This offer is good for whenever you want!
  7. Baby, There’s no better time than on your Birthday to say those 3 little words I frequently think but seldom say… You’re SO LUCKY.
  8. It’s your birthday and love is in the air… No, wait… It’s our clothes.

Funny, Romantic and Cute Birthday Wishes

دوستی کیا ہے
Dosti kya hai
  • Cute Birthday Wish – You’re the most golden husband in the world, and you know how I can’t resist anything sweet.
  • Birthday Message – There’s a quiet little place in this noisy, busy – hustle and bustle world… and we have found it together… and I’m so delighted we did.
  • Romantic Birthday Messages – You have been the best thing that could have happened to me, giving me so much laughter, so much joy, and so much love. So on your birthday, I’d just like to convey thanks and remind you of how very very much I love you.
  • Sweet Birthday Wish – My feet dance more lightly because of you. My heart beats more strongly because of you. And My eyes see more clearly because of you. My mouth smiles more easily because of you, and I will love you always since you are you.
  • Sweet Birthday Wish – Sometimes I’m not sure what a wonderful woman like you sees in an ordinary guy like me… But whatever it is, I’m thankful for it because it’s made my life more cheerful than I ever dreamed.
  • Kisses and Hugs – I don’t know which I like more, your HUGS or your KISSES. To help me decide, maybe you better give me a hug and a kiss. Sorry, I still can’t decide. Better do it again. Dang, it’s still too close to call. Okay, one last time…
  • Sweet Birthday Wish – I can’t put into words how loved you make me feel. I can’t express the depth of love for you. I can only tell you that my heart is whole seeing as of you, that my life is full and good because you are by my side.

Sarkar Salgirah Mubarak
Sarkar Salgirah Mubarak

Read More Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • Romantic Birthday Messages – Your Birthday gives me another chance to tell you that you mean more to me than anything else in the world. I love you and know I always will.
  • Love BD Message – Love makes… The world goes round. Poetry seems worth a try. Pizza taste even better. Old movies make sense. Observing the moon is a priority. Dreams go into overdrive. No sense at all. Love makes me crazy about you.
  • Music – You’re the song, I love to play over and over… You’re the movie I never get tired of… You are the book I can never put down. You’re the one I love forever. Happy Birthday
  • Romantic Birthday Messages– You’re the one I dreamed about when every dress was a ball gown and every story ended in “happily ever after,” and guess what… you’re still the one I dream about.
  • Music – You’re the melody, the magic, the meaning in my life.
  • Sweet Birthday Wish – Today may our secret part of the world be perfect.
  • Love Message – Of all the things you share with me, darling. The favorite is your passion. Happy Birthday to my heart of hearts, my true love.
  • Sweet Birthday Wish – You and I make a perfect hug.
  • Friendship – The nicest part of any day is sharing it with you.
  • Love – Year after a wonderful year, I love you!
  • Romantic – My favorite place to be is in love with you.
  • Wife – I feel so much joy when I think of what an excellent wife you are to me.
  • Kisses – May your pucker, never tucker.

Dear dad birthday Messages

बेटियों को जन्मदिन की बधाई
Baityon Ko Salgirah Mubarakbaad

Further down you will discover a collection of Dad birthday messages.

Message – Hi Dad, thanks for the laughs and sincerely thanks for the good times. I wish you the very best on your birthday and continue to love you always!

Divine message – Dad. You’ve habitually remained a continuous pillar of inspiration for me. I hope I can make you proud, and it is the future that brings more prodigious memories for both of us.

Message – To the best Dad in the world! (and from the worthiest son in the world) Love you heaps!

Message – Thank you for your wisdom and for accepting me all the years of my life! If it weren’t for you, I would not be half the person I am today!

Funny – Biologically I have half of your chromosomes. Therefore… I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it wasn’t for you!

Funny – What makes my dad so special… It’s he never forgets to share with me some of his birthday chocolates!

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