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Do you know what your birthstone is? Do you know why waiters can’t sing the Happy Birthday song to you? Find this, and other answers, below in our growing birthday factoid section. Reading This article know about Your birthday facts like your Birthstone? Birth flower? We will tell you here January Birthstone, February Birthstone, March Birthstone, April Birthstone, May Birthstone, June Birthstone, July Birthstone, August Birthstone, September Birthstone, October Birthstone, November & December Birthstone.

Happy Birthday Song Facts

The melody for the famous song was first penned by two sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill

The song was originally called Good Morning to All and was used to greet schoolchildren in the morning.

the song in 1935 Another Hill sister (Jessica) published and copyrighted.

The copyright is currently owned by Time Warner and licensed by ASCAP

Annual royalties of the song are estimated at around $2 million.

The copyright won’t lapse/expire until any less than 2030

There are much discussion and debate about the legitimacy of this copyright for such a basic and old melody.

This copyright is the primary reason you never hear waiters singing the tune to supporters in  restaurants. They usually sing some alternate, corporate-approved birthday song.

Dear Friend Birthday wishes
Dear Friend Birthday wishes

Miscellaneous Birthday Facts

It is felt that birthday festivities began in the Roman Empire. What’s more, they were to a great extent because of the unmistakable religion at the time, Mithraism, which was later replaced by Christianity.

Another tradition enjoyed by girls that were popularized in the 1950s and 60s is that of receiving a special corsage (or several) that was decorated with candy or another inexpensive item that corresponded to your age. The things were estimated inside the reach of one’s companion gathering and all light enough so they could affix effectively to wavy strip and be worn all through the school day without a problem.

  • 10th birthday – lollipops
  • 11th birthday – gumdrops
  • 12th birthday – tootsie rolls
  • 13th birthday – bubble gum
  • 14th birthday – dog biscuits
  • 15th birthday – life savers
  • 16th birthday – sugar cubes
  • 17th birthday – lemon drops
  • 18th birthday – cigarettes
Know about your Birthday facts
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Youngsters who are on the leap day of February 29th frequently celebrate their birthday events on March first.

One’s brilliant birthday, likewise called a champagne birthday, is the day when the age one turns and the date of the birth match (for example somebody turning 20 on September twentieth praises his brilliant birthday)

The ‘Birthday Paradox’ expresses that in the event that there are 23 individuals or more in a room, at that point, there is in excess of a half possibility no less than 2 of them have For at least 60 individuals, the likelihood is more noteworthy than 99%.

In 1912, the Jewelers of America embraced an authority birthstone timetable that is generally utilized today as the standard.

Month Facts

Birth Month Facts
Birth Month Facts

The names of the months, origin and/or meaning – Know About your birthday Facts

Named after Janus, the god of doors
February Named after Februalia, a time period when sacrifices were made in penance for sins committed
March Named after Mars, god of war
April From the word aperire, meaning ‘to open’ in Latin
May Named after Maia, the goddess of plant growth
June From junius, the Latin name of the goddess Juno
July Named after Julius Caesar, 44 b.c.
August Named after Augustus Caesar in 8 b.c.
September From the word septem, meaning ‘seven’ in Latin
October from octo, Latin for ‘eight’
Novemeber Novem, Latin for ‘nine’
DecemberDecem, Latin for ‘ten’

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Monthly Birthstones

Birthstone gems for birthday gifts and engagement rings
Birthstone gems for birthday gifts and engagement rings

Monthly Birthstones

Which month is the one who gets diamonds? Here is a Table about Monthly Birthstones. You Can easily know about your birthstones like which is January Birthstone, February Birthstone, March Birthstone, April Birthstone, May Birthstone, June Birthstone, July Birthstone, August Birthstone, September Birthstone, October Birthstone, November Birthstone and, December Birthstone.

FebruaryAmethystTrue sincerity
MarchAquamarine, BloodstoneReal courage
JunePearl, Alexandrite, MoonstoneHealth
AugustPeridot, SardonyxMarried Happiness
SeptemberSapphireClear Thought
OctoberOpal, TourmalineHope
NovemberTopazLoyalty, Faithful
DecemberTurquoise, ZirconWealth/Success

Also Birthstones are dedicated daily basis. Below table can help you knowing daily birthstone. If you want to Read a Detailed articles on Birthstone here

Daily Birthstones

Know About Your Birthday Facts – While this word has also been used as a synonym of Monthly Birthstone, there is a separate list of assignment according to the day of the week of the recipient’s birth.

WednesdayCat’s Eye

Birth Flowers

Know About your birthday Facts – To help you find that perfect flower, we’ve created this flower meaning guide. It lists all the months and their corresponding birth flower – which makes your decision even easier – just give her her birth flower!

Know About you Birth Month Flowers
Know About you Birth Month Flowers
JanuarySnowdrop, Carnation
AprilSweet Pea, Daisy
MayHawthorn, Lily of the Valley
JulyWater Lily
AugustPoppy, Gladiolus
DecemberHolly, Narcissus, Poinsettia

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If You are interested to Know about your birth chart then you can visit our Zodiac Page.

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