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Best ever Gazal | Halki Halki Aahat | Sara Raza Dedication to Iqbal Bano



Aik Halki Halki aahat

Aik Halki Halki aahat Hai
 Halki Halki Aahat

“Aik Halki Halki Aahat hai” is a stunning poem by the legendary Urdu-Hindi poet, Qateel Shifai. It was performed by the renowned classical singer and Ghazal Queen, Madam Iqbal Bano, in the film “Ishq e Laila”. This rendition is a tribute from Sara Raza Khan to Madam Iqbal Bano. Lyrics for the song and translations are available in Hindi, Urdu, and English, accompanied by subtitles.

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Lyrcis of Aik halki Halki Aahat Hai In Urdu,Hindi and Translation in English

1. AIk Halki Halki Aahat hai
AIk Mehka Mehka Saya hai
Ye Kon Khayalon main Mujhko
Deewana Bananey aaya hai 
Sound is a slow step
A scented shade
That is what I think
It makes me crazy
ایک ہلکی ہلکی آہٹ ہے 
ایک مہکا مہکا سایہ ہے 
یہ کون  خیالوں میں مجھ کو
دیوانہ بنانے آیا ہے 
एक हल्की हल्की आहट है 
एक महका महका साया है 
यह कौन मुझको ख्यालों में 
दीवाना बनाने आया है
2.  Kuch Kehti Hoi wo Unki Nazar
Bijli Bhi Nahi Shola Bhi Nahi
*Ik Pal Ko Bhi Magr dil ko Hum ne
Seeney main Sulagta paya hai
*Note: Poet uses “Is per” But Singers can edit and modify the lyrics while singing so, Sara Raza Used “ik Pal” here  
something was in his look
That isn’t a flame or electric
But this time we are at the heart
Felt a burning sensation in the chest
کچھ کہتی ہوئی وہ ان کی نظر 
بجلی بھی نہیں شعلہ بھی نہیں 
اک پل بھی مگر دل کو ہم نے 
سینے میں سلگتا پایا ہے 
कुछ कहती हुई उनकी नजर
 बिजली भी नहीं शोला भी नहीं 
उस पर भी मगर दिल को हमने
 सीने में सुलगता पाया है 
3. Zulfon Ko Chhupa Kar Chehrey Ko
Hum Apne Aap se Sharmaaey
Bhooley Se Humarey Honton Per
Jab Naam tumhara aaya hai
I hid my face with hair
I was in full shy
on my Forgotten lips 
When was your name
زلفوں میں چھپا کر چہرے کو 
ہم اپنے آپ سے شرمائے 
بھولے سے ہمارے ہونٹوں پر 
جب نام تمہارا آیا ہے
जुल्फों को छुपाकर चेहरे पर 
हम अपने आप से शर्मआए 
भूले से हमारे होठों पर
 जब नाम तुम्हारा आया है 
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Bio Sufi Music:

Sufi music, known for its devotional nature, finds its roots in the works of renowned Sufi poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusrow, Khwaja Ghulam Farid, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Sachal Sarmast. Well-known forms of this musical genre include Qawwali and Nanik Shahi (Yaktara Music), both widely prevalent in the Sufi culture of the Indian Subcontinent. But it is not limited to these forms; music also plays a crucial role in the Sema ceremony conducted by the whirling dervishes.
Prominent exponents of Sufi music in recent times include Pakistani singers Abida Parveen, who is regarded as one of the finest Sufi vocalists of the modern era, and Sanam Marvi. Asrar Shah, another Lahore-based Sufi singer has gained recognition following his performances on Coke Studio Pakistan.
Sufi music’s influence isn’t limited to traditional circles. A. R. Rahman, an Oscar-winning Indian musician, has composed several pieces that feature elements of this genre.

Moreover, the vast musical landscape of India isn’t limited to Sufi music, encompassing multiple forms and styles, including various kinds of folk and pop music, as well as Indian classical music. 

The tradition of classical music in India, inclusive of both Hindustani and Carnatic music, boasts of a rich history spanning various eras and thousands of years. It was deeply embedded and played a critical role in the socio-religious life of the country.
Notable Bengali singer, Lalan Fakir, and Bangladesh’s revered national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam, composed several Sufi songs contributing greatly to the genre.
Additionally, the Pakistani band, Junoon, pioneered a new genre known as Sufi rock. This unique music style combined the intensity of modern hard rock with traditional folk music, layered with verses of Sufi poetry.
The year 2005 saw Rabbi Shergill’s release of a Sufi rock hit termed “Bulla Ki Jaana”. This track became immensely popular, topping charts in both India and Pakistan.

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Salgirah Mubarak

Love You BDay Wishes: Tumhein Janam Din Mubarak Ho



Love You BDay Wishes

Love You BDay Wishes: Janam din, ek insan ki zindagi ka wo khaas din hai jab woh duniya mein aaya. Aur is din ko aur bhi yaadgar banane ka ek tareeka hai, woh hai “Tumhein Janam Din Mubarak Ho” ke kehna. Yeh pyaar bhara shabdon ka jadoo hai jo apne dil se aaye, aur jise sun kar har koi khush hota hai. Agar aap apne pyaare dost, ya kisi apne pasandida vyakti ka janam din manane ka iraada kar rahe hain, toh yeh 20 pyaar bhare birthday wishes aapke liye hain.

1. Tumhein Janam Din Mubarak Ho, Mere Pyaare Dost! Love You BDay Wishes

Aap mere liye ek anmol ratan hain, aur aaj ke din, main dua karta hoon ki aapka har din khushiyon se bhar jaye.

2. Janam Din Mubarak Ho, Meri Jaan!

Tum meri duniya ho, aur aaj ke din, main chahta hoon ki tumhara har sapna poora ho.

3. Aapka Janam Din Aapke Liye Khushiyo ka Tohfa Le Kar Aaye!

Tumhare saath guzre har pal ne mere zindagi ko roshan kiya hai, aur main chahta hoon ki yeh pyaar hamesha bana rahe.

4. Tumhare Janam Din Par, Meri Duaayein Hamesha Tumhare Saath Hain!

Allah se dua karta hoon ki tumhara har din khushiyon se bhar jaye aur zindagi ka safar hamesha suhana rahe.

5. Tum Meri Zindagi Ki Taareef Ho!

Tumhare bina meri zindagi adhuri hai, aur main hamesha tumse pyaar karta rahunga.

6. Janam Din Ki Mithas!

Is janam din par, maine tumhare liye sabse meetha cake banaya hai, lekin usse bhi meethi hai meri duaayein.

7. Tum Mere Dilon Mein Bas Gaye Ho!

Tumhare saath bitaye pal mere liye anmol hain, aur main hamesha tumhare saath rahna chahta hoon.

8. Aapke Janam Din Par, Main Tumhein Pyaar Se Gale Lagana Chahta Hoon!

Tum meri zindagi ki saanjh ho, aur main hamesha tumhare saath rehna chahta hoon.

9. Tumhari Khushbu Mein Khoya Hoon! Love You BDay Wishes

Tumhare paas aane ka khyaal hi mere liye ek khushi ka mauka hai, aur main hamesha tumhein apni zindagi ka hissa banata hoon.

10. Tum Meri Duniya Ho!

Aap meri duniya hain, aur main hamesha aapke saath rahunga. Janam din mubarak ho!

11. Tumhare Bina Meri Zindagi Adhuri Hai!

Tum mere liye sab kuch ho, aur aaj ke din, main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki main tumhein hamesha pyaar karta hoon.

12. Tumhare Pyaar Mein Khoya Hoon!

Tumhare pyaar mein khona mere liye anmol hai, aur aaj ke din, main yeh pyaar se kehna chahta hoon.

13. Aap Meri Jaan Hain!

Aap mere liye sab kuch hain, aur main aapke bina adhoori hoon. Janam din mubarak ho!

14. Tum Mere Sab Kuch Ho!

Tum mere liye sab kuch ho, aur aaj ke din, main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki main hamesha aapke saath rahunga.

15. Tumhari Muskurahat Meri Zindagi Hai!

Tumhari muskurahat meri zindagi hai, aur aaj ke din, main dua karta hoon ki tum hamesha khush raho.

16. Aap Meri Zindagi Ki Roshni Hain!

Aap meri zindagi ki roshni hain, aur main hamesha aapke saath rahunga. Janam din mubarak ho!

17. Tum Meri Duniya Ho!

Tum mere liye puri duniya ho, aur aaj ke din, main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki main hamesha aapke saath rahunga.

18. Tumhari Aankhon Mein Khone Ka Mann Hai!

Tumhari aankhon mein khone ka mann hai, aur aaj ke din, main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki main hamesha aapke saath rahunga.

19. Aap Meri Jaan Hain!

Aap meri jaan hain, aur main hamesha aapke saath rahunga. Janam din mubarak ho!

20. Tum Meri Duniya Ho!

Love You BDay Wishes
Love You BDay Wishes

Tum mere liye puri duniya ho, aur aaj ke din, main yeh kehna chahta hoon ki main hamesha aapke saath rahunga.

In pyaar bhare birthday wishes ke saath, aap apne pyaare vyakti ko unke janam din par aur bhi khaas mehsoos karayenge. Pyaar aur izzat se di gayi yeh wishes unke dilon ko chu jayengi aur unhein aapki mohabbat ka ehsaas hoga.

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Salgirah Mubarak

Google ko 25vi Salgirah Mubarak

Is blog post mein, hum aapko Google ki paidaish aur taraqqi, faide, aur kabhi-kabhi nuksan ki kahani mein lekar jayenge.



Google ko 25vi Salgirah Mubarak

Google ko 25vi Salgirah Mubarak: Aaj, hum duniya ke sath mil kar ek tech behemoth, Google ke 25vi salgirah ko manane mein shamil ho rahe hain, jo kisi tijarat ki zaroorat nahi hai—Google. Sirf chauwanis saalon mein, Google ne hamari digital duniya ke musafirat ke tareeqay ko tabdeel kiya hai, internet ke manzar ko inqilab diya hai, aur hamari rozana ki zindagi ka integral hissa ban gaya hai. Is blog post mein, hum aapko Google ki paidaish aur taraqqi, faide, aur kabhi-kabhi nuksan ki kahani mein lekar jayenge. Mazeed Salgirah Mubarak Ke Message Parhein.

Google ko 25vi Salgirah Mubarak: Innovation ki Aik Chauwanis Saal Ki Tareekh Ka Jashan

Google ki Ijad:
1998 mein, Larry Page aur Sergey Brin, do Stanford PhD talib ilm, ne Google ko ek sada garaz mein bunaya. Un ka maqsad: internet par barhne wali be tarteeb maalumat ko tarteeb dena. Aaj, Google aik ghar ka naam hai, jo talash, inoveshan, aur digital qabzay mein tabdeel ho gaya hai.

Hum Mehbub Tijaray:
Google ki qudrat sirf talash tak mehdood nahi hoti. Is nay humain asooliyat ki zarurat se bahr tijarat day di hai. Google Maps hamain ajnabi manaziron mein rehnumai karti hai, jabkay Gmail hamaray musalsal barhtay huay inbox ko manzool karta hai. YouTube tafreeh faraham karti hai, Google Drive hamari digital zindagi ko mahfooz rakhta hai, aur Google Photos yaadon ko abad karti hai. Google ka Android OS hamaray smartphone ko chalata hai, aur Google Translate zabanon ke darmiyan language ki paichan karti hai. Yeh aik aisi digital makhaz hai jo doosra nahi hai.

Google ki Paidaish Ke Fawayed:

  • Haathon Ki Ungliyon Par Maloomat: Google nay ilm ko awam ke liye aam kar diya hai. Aur ab yeh maloomat arabon logon tak pohnchata hai.
  • Inoveshan Ka Sarchashma: Google ke Chand Par Pohunchne Wale Projects aur haasil karne walay husoolat inoveshan ko bharpoor madadgar hain. Khud driving cars se lekar AI mein izafay tak.
  • Achhi Karwai Ki Streamline: Google Workspace ne karwai mein aur taawun mein tabdeeli layi hai, karobar mein tahrik di hai.

Google Ke Qabzay Ke Nuksanat:

  • Zaati Ya Nijiyaat Ki Mushkilat: Google ki data ikhraj karne ke tijarat aur siyasat danon ne siriya ke liye nuksanat paida kiye hain.
  • Monopoly Ke Masail: Google ki bazar mein qabza jangliyat se lekar antitrust mubahis ko buland kiya hai.
  • Filter Bubble: Shakhsi tafreeqat ke natijay mein moazziz natijay taqwiyat kar sakti hain.

Jab Google apni 25vi salgirah manata hai, toh is tajziyah ke qabil hai ke is tech behemoth ki shaandar taareekh par gaur karain. Apne sada ghar mein ek garage se le kar apni rozana ki digital zindagi ka hissa banne tak, Google ke asar ko inkar karna namumkin hai.

Jab hum is ke faide ko qubool kartay hain, toh chalain is ke challenges ko dekhtey hein. Jaise Niji Policy aur monopoly, ke baray mein mubtala hotay hain. yaqeenan Google ke aglay chauwanis saal ko us ke pehlay ke jaisa inoveshan aur faida mand bana saktay hain. Google, Aap ko salgirah mubarak. Aur yeh dua hai ke aap apni digital dunia ko tabdeel karne ke aglay 25 saal tak taqwiyat se guzarain!

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Salgirah Mubarak

Discover Your Zodiac Sign – Zodiac Sign Calculator Tool

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos and delve into the world of astrology with our Zodiac Sign Calculator tool.



Zodiac Sign Calculator Tool

Zodiac Sign Calculator Tool: Unlock the secrets of the cosmos and delve into the world of astrology with our Zodiac Sign Calculator tool. Wondering what your zodiac sign is or what it reveals about your personality? Look no further – our easy-to-use tool provides the answers.

Know Your Zodiac Sign

Know Your Zodiac Sign

Want to Know what is your age? Discover Your Exact Age with Our Free Age Counter Tool

Why Discover Your Zodiac Sign?

  1. Self-Awareness: Understanding your zodiac sign can offer valuable insights into your character, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s a journey of self-discovery that can help you make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges more effectively.
  2. Compatibility: Curious about your compatibility with friends, family, or a potential partner? Discovering their zodiac signs and exploring the compatibility aspects can provide valuable insights into your relationships.
  3. Fun and Entertainment: Exploring astrology and zodiac signs is not only informative but also fun! Share your zodiac sign with friends and spark fascinating conversations about astrological traits.

How to Use Our Zodiac Sign Calculator:

  1. Enter Your Birthdate: Begin by entering your birthdate in the provided form. Select the day, month, and year of your birth.
  2. Click “Submit”: After entering your birth details, simply click the “Submit” button, and our Zodiac Sign Calculator will do the rest.
  3. Discover Your Zodiac Sign: In a matter of seconds, you’ll receive your zodiac sign based on your birthdate. Whether you’re an adventurous Aries, a practical Taurus, or any other sign, our tool will reveal your astrological identity.

Why Trust Our Zodiac Sign Calculator?

  • Accuracy: Our tool is designed to provide accurate results based on established astrological principles.
  • User-Friendly: It’s easy to use for astrology enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Access the Zodiac Sign Calculator on your smartphone or tablet for on-the-go insights.

Explore the Mysteries of Astrology Today!

Take the first step in uncovering the cosmic influences that shape your life. Whether you’re curious about your zodiac sign for personal growth, relationship compatibility, or simply for entertainment, our Zodiac Sign Calculator is a valuable resource.

Zodiac Sign Calculator Tool
Zodiac Sign Calculator Tool

Ready to discover your astrological destiny? Input your birthdate and embark on a celestial journey today!

Also, Please Visit Our Salgirah Mubarak Facebook Page, and Don’t Forget to Read Birthday Wishes in Urdu

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